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The 3 Day Super Sale Weekend!

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The 3 Day Super Sale Weekend, UAE Wide!

What comes to your mind when seeing this particular headline?  Excitement, panic, fear?   I think generally, it would be a mixed range of emotions!

However for most girls I think it’s definitely excitement!  Especially for us UAE residents, where retail prices are high and sales aren’t a plenty, the S word is definitely something that makes us happy!

In fact, the only topic of conversation around the office, had been about the sale, what stores to hit, and what kind of savings we’d find! In fact me and my colleagues had ben trying to come up with strategies, of what side of the mall to hit first, so that we could navigate clearly, and not miss any of our favourite shops!

I decided to put my ‘investigator journalist’ cap on, and headed to the mall of the emirates, (not to shop, but to investigate! )  My first impression was that, there weren’t as many people there as I had expected there to be.

In my mind I had been picturing something like ‘the sample sale scene,’ from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic.

A still from 'the sample sale' scene in the movie, 'Confessions of a Shopaholic!' :)

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However the reality was nothing like that.  Firstly despite the media announcing a ‘3 Day Super Sale,’ not all the shops were on sale and the ones that were,  only had 1 or 2 racks that were part of the sale.

Honestly to be it seemed more like a PR/Marketing stunt then any thing else!  In a country where they have insane mark ups on retail generally, so they can actually afford to lower the prices ever so slightly for their consumers, it was disappointing.  The items that were reduced were generally old stock items that they hadn’t been able to get rid of previously!

I think this crazy marketing/PR campaign was a great way to lure in infrequent shoppers to the mall.  Where they got them through the doors of the malls and the shops with the disguise of ‘THE SALE,’ and then once the consumer was in a store and hooked on  ‘THE SALE IDEA,’ they’d end up buying items that weren’t on sale anyway!

For people who hit the mall on a regular basis, there was nothing amazing to find at all! 

Personally I think it was a huge waste of time, maybe keep your money handy until ‘Dubai Summer Surprises,’ hits our shores!