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A New Level of Customisation! :)

Anya Hindmarch, new concept of building a bag! :)

Anya Hindmarch – Build a Bag

For all you passionate Anya Hindmarch fans, as well as people who love unique bags, something cool, new and exciting has JUST been launched!  Forget personalisng your bag, phone cover and laptop, you can now actually CUSTOMISE, and build your own bag!

Anya Hindmarch recently dropped her capsule collection, on, 15th May 2017.

The steps to creating your OWN masterpiece are very simple, click on this link to view them. You can now also decide whether to ‘build’ a small or large bag.

After going through the 9 simple steps myself, which include;

  1. Choose Your Colour
  2. Extra Handles
  3. Contrast Handles
  4. Decorative Handles
  5. Shoulder Straps
  6. Key Fobs
  7. Key Rings
  8. Ruffs
  9. Stickers

This is what my CUSTOMISED, work of art looks like! 

My own 'build a bag' creation!


Even though the price comes up to a cool AED 8,639, (and the bag without any of the additional detailing is AED 4,191.)  I feel that it’s definitely worth the price tag. To be able to be part of such a funky and well reputed brand, as well as to have been able to create your own design, something you could even name after yourself.  It’s like having your very own part of fashion and design history! 

I didn’t however add all the accessories to ‘my bag,’ just what I thought would go well with the look, I was trying to create. Clearly there are a lot of different computations one could create though!

So get ‘building,’ and even if you don’t end up buying one, do share your creations with me! I would be very fascinated to see what everyone comes up with.  You can share your designs with me on my blog page, or my instgram or Facebook accounts.

Now more importantly, what do we think of the name ‘The Nadia!’