About TFH

Nads_cartoon 1

So I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog for a very long time now. The trouble for me intially was what should the main premise of the blog be and then what should it look like. Ultimately I thought about what my passions or interests in life are and that that’s when the answer came to me…FASHION!  There are many fashion blogs already out there but I wanted to set mine apart, by not just focusing on myself in different outfits and the readers being inundated by a dearth of images, but also by encouraging a conversation between the author and readers about Fashion Finds from different nooks and crannies around the Globe! So here’s a blog dedicated to my love and passion…FASHION!  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do writing it. Some other sites I have collaborated with  are filmfaremiddleeast.com , dubaifashionnews.com, thewellnesslab.com, and desiblitz.com

What’s in a name?

So aside from coming up with a topic for my blog, I also needed to come up with a name. Something that would incorporate my love for fashion, something smart, quirky as well as catchy!  That’s when I thought of coming up with a name that would incorporate these elements as well as my heritage. Ultimately this proved to be quite challenging and I started to empathise with people who talk about suffering from ‘Writer’s Block’! Finally after numerous tries  ‘The Fashion Havildar’ was born!  It combines my British, American and Indian roots, as ‘Havildar’ in hindi means police/cop.