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Most people who know me well know one issue that’s always been close to my heart is that of FEMALE EMPOWERMENT.

Since I was young I never fit into the traditional image of what an (Indian) girl/woman is supposed to be like. Quiet and shy, doesn’t talk to much or challenge people.

I’ve always been quiet outspoken having been raised in the West and always extremely curious about absolutely everything.

I’ve been through my own trials and tribulations in the past 35 years, and when I was invited to the #BeingShe event recently I went in with an open mind.

I had had a slight idea that the main premise was to empower women but I wasn’t exactly sure how it would be conducted.

Being She Workshop
The BeingShe Workshop Stage

To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement! The event in itself was flawlessly curated at the prestigious Ritz Carlton hotel, in JBR, Dubai.

Tea and canapΓ©s were free-flowing all across the backdrop of the very funky and apt BeingShe logo.

Aparna Bajpai
Aparna Bajpai, Founder of BeingShe

BeingShe is the brainchild of Aparna Bajpai. Aparna in September 2018, won the title of Mrs India Globe, despite never having had any formal pageant training.

According to Aparna BeingShe is “platform for self -knowledge, personal development and enrichment for women. To show that every woman is unique and how they can celebrate their uniqueness.”

She goes on to say that, “every woman has their own special talents and abilities and BeingShe encourages women to discover their personal power and strength. This platform is designed to encourage women to make personal choices more effectively and focus on developing their skills.

Through this network women can set goals for themselves and develop an action plan to achieve personal success with the help of experts from every field such as nutrition, wellness, communication skills, body confidence, beauty and fashion.”

At the workshop I attended Aparna had, international presenter and confidence coach Andreea Zoia speaking to us.

Andreea was a huge joy to watch speaking as she was full of energy and zest for life! She gave all of the women in the room tips and exercises on how to increase our self- confidence, and she even shared her on personal anecdotes.

One of the things Andreea made us do was watch the video below.

What are your thoughts on it? It really moved me and all the women in the room.

I’m really looking forward to the next BeingShe workshop, and what Aparna has in store for us!