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Body Positivity

Quote from themindmattersvg

Recently a lot of amazing, beautiful, independent women around me have been doubting themselves, primarily due to the fact that they don’t look like the supermodels or influencers we see in magazines and social media.

It really bothers me because if a person’s overweight or obese, does that mean their contributions to society matters less, or the amount of love they give to their friends and family is any different?

On the other extreme, I’ve seen a huge shift in people owning their bodies too! With the rise of the #metoo movement, the #dovebody campaigns, the growth of plus-size models as well as social media movements such as #I WEIGH and #themindmattersvg.

Meet Anindita aka ‘theplusgirl.’ She’s a plus size fashion influencer, plus size model and advertising professional.

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Some of her images move me, not only does it take a lot of courage to take pictures of yourself and post them for all the world to see, but she takes pictures of her flaws and adds powerful and touching quotes to them.

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Anindita is not alone in trying to increase body positivity, there are a whole host of plus-sized models on the rise recently, from Katie Sturino who is the founder of the 12ish style, to Tinder Badhesha, an international Punjabi curve size model, to Neha Parulkar, a plus-size fashion model and body positive influencer.

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What does it make you feel seeing all these images of women who are trying to challenge the stereotype what a ‘normal’ woman looks like?

To me personally, I think it’s great and I have a lot of respect and admiration for all of them, however, we still have a long way to go before the body shaming stops!

The day that women can look at themselves in the mirror and say ‘ I love myself’ or ‘damn, I look hot!’ , will be a great day for all of us!

Did you know

  • #themindmattersvg was founded by teacher Jodie Dennie who was awarded a queensyoungleaders award last summer.
  • #I Weigh was started by 26-year-old, The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil, after she was sick and tired of seeing women’s worth be measured by how much they weigh.
  • The plus size modeling industry is growing exponentially and expanding from Europe and North America to Asia as well.
  • Donatella Versace, one of the Queen’s of fashion was quoted saying, “ Plus-sized women shouldn’t think of themselves as a size. They should think of themselves as women with rich goals in life. Size doesn’t mean, really, anything. You can carry your size with pride and dress in a way that you like.”