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So one of my most favourite things to do whenever I travel abroad is to read FASHION MAGAZINES! I literally can’t wait to devour them and digest all the information as soon as I possibly can!

A couple of years back I had been in Bombay, visiting my Mum’s family and came across (what is now one of my style bible’s) Grazia India! I had already been familiar with Grazia UK and Grazia Middle East but had no idea that there was an Indian version as well.

The reason I primarily like Grazia India is that they always have a section on up-and-coming local and regional talent, as well as all the latest collaborations.

It was due to having perused through this magazine I managed to lay eyes on an article about an on-line site based in India called Koovs.

When I first went through the site I literally wanted to buy absolutely everything (but obviously I was just high on the potential smell and feel of new clothes!) Once I calmed down a bit I happened to glance at the ‘collaborations’ section.

This was by far the most exciting and unique thing about the online retailer. ย Just like how H&M collaborate with heavy big weight designers, so do Koovs! The thing with the Koovs collaborations that’s different is that they’ve paired up with some funky and kooky designers, not just normal run-off-the-mill designers!

My favourite collaboration by far was the one with Giles Deacon. ย For those of you who don’t know who that is, (don’t worry I only found out about him a couple of years ago too!) He’s a famous British designer whose worked for some of the top fashion houses like Gucci and Bottega Veneta, and now has his own brand called GILES.

These are some of the key pieces in the Giles X collection for Koovs


Image courtesy of Grazia India

My favourite piece by far was the feather print kaftan dress, retailing at wait for it…. 107 AED ONLY!

I’ve worn it a lot since I bought it and have received a ton of compliments on it!


Hope that you guys find some amazing things on Koovs as well, check out their site at

Your Fashion Havildar.