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What can I say about this young lady behind the brand of Anch Moda? I met her about a year and a half ago at a fashion exhibition, and I was amazed by her soft-spoken demeanor and eclectic fashion sense.

When she told me she was a fashion designer, I was surprised by how at such a young age, she was so passionate and focused with creating her lines, which are like literal works of art.

The Fashion Havildar sits down with Anchaya Sinha, to find out more about this talented and driven young designer.

The Fashion Havildar – TFH

Anchaya Sinha – AS

NK – So Anchaya, how long have you been a fashion designer for?

AS – Hi Nadia, thank you for hosting this exciting interview. I have been a fashion entrepreneur for 4 years and I established my Dubai based luxury fashion label, ANCH MODA, in 2016. So far my career has been challenging, satisfying, and a great learning experience for me. I have participated in regional competitions like ‘Recycle Runway Awards’ at the Bride Show Dubai and ‘Arabic Fashion awards’ at ‘The Bride Show Abu Dhabi’. My creation of extensively paneled abaya with a beautifully embroidered jalabiya was recognized for the Judge’s choice runner up award. I received my first commercial platform during the inception of ANCH MODA through the ‘Numaish Talent Hunt’ in 2016 which gave me the confidence to continue my passion.

NK – How did you get into fashion designing, or decide that this is what you wanted to do, in terms of your career?

AS –  Creativity has always been my inherent skill, from making personalized cards to creating memory journals to using mixed media to create artworks – it has all been an unconscious path towards fashion designing which I realized I wanted to pursue at the end of my high school. My mother used to take me shopping as a weekend activity during my teens and valued my opinion during clothing trials. In this process, I used to feel every fabric, observe color palettes, silhouettes, style lines, and surface work. I was also actively watching fashion related shows at the time and was really inspired by the scope of the fashion industry.

I dreamt of being a famous dual-lingo speaking designer in a fashion hub that creates extraordinary work for a huge fashion label. I think that is when I consciously decided that I wanted to be a fashion designer and went on to have a formal education from premiere institutes in the East and West, National Institute of Fashion Technology (India), and Fashion Institute of Technology (USA) respectively. I hold a dual degree with a global industry experience having interned with Oscar de la Renta (USA), Reemami (UAE), Zayan the label (UAE), and Varun Bahl (India). With a holistic knowledge in fashion, ANCH MODA was started with the support of my parents to showcase my creativity in the region.

NK – What was your inspiration for this particular collection?

AS – My aesthetics are drawn towards creating abstract forms often inspired by natural elements but the prints for my wedding collection were inspired by stencils. I traveled back to my childhood days for inspiration where basic shapes like squares, circles, triangles, and lines offered so much room to play around with. I created digital sketches from hand-drawn shapes and designed patterns that were set in ‘kali’s’ (a panel from the Indian bridal skirt). The wedding collection has unique contrasting combinations to create pastel tones as well as brighter tones and presents a very modern take on Indian bridal wear.

NK – What’s your own personal favorite piece/pieces from the collections you’ve designed so far?

AS – I am in love with the striking sky blue and cherry red lehenga set as it can be worn for any event. Most clients get attracted to this piece first since red is a bold bridal shade.

NK – How would you describe your own personal sense of style?

AS – My personal sense of style chimes with looks that are sophisticated yet casual, so that I can exude confidence. I try to match the colors of my shoe and bag in contrast to my clothing. I enjoy accessorizing with fine stone jewelry to add an artsy touch to my look. I prefer natural make and love comfy knit clothes while at work.

I always believe clothing, like shoes, should be comfortable attributing to light to wear, self-accessorized with color and pattern while being economical for designer wear. Contrasting colors excite my senses and that is a USP at ANCH MODA.

NK – What’s your favorite article/articles of clothing/accessory to buy?

AS – I have a shoe and bag fetish where the focus is on comfort and uniqueness in design or color. I like to invest in well-tailored jackets to style my clothing. I think I have every color of bag and every kind of shoe to compliment my look of the day.

NK – who is your own personal style icon?

AS – I absolutely love Blake Lively’s and Shilpa Shetty’s sense of style. Blake Lively has a tall figure and wears complimenting outfits that flaunt her curves. She is also the queen of layering and that is something I look forward to seeing. Shilpa Shetty is a fitness goddess and indulges in wearing sarees that make an ethnic style statement whether it is created by an established designer or an upcoming one. She experiments with blouse styles and drapes on her perfect figure.

NK – Which designer/fashion house influences your design aesthetic if any?

AS – I follow fashion houses that work with contrasting colors and print-based designs. I marvel the works of Temperly London, Oscar de la Renta (since I have seen their design process), HassIdriss, Delpozo, Mary Katrantzou, Iris Van Herpen, Papa don’t preach, Kresha Bajaj, Aisha Rao, Falguni and Shane peacock, Rimzin Dadu, Button Masala and Bobo Calcutta.

NK – What brand is your favorite?

AS – My favorite clothing brand out of the above is Temperly London. It has a busy yet balanced design aesthetic, something I aspire to develop one day.

NK – So what’s next for the Anch by Anchaya Sinha brand?

AS – ANCH MODA will be creating engaging and fun style series to showcase the versatility of our designs and spread positivity during this time. Since art has been an important part of my creative journey I will also introduce an art archive on my social media platforms and offer customization of hand-made art products. ANCH MODA is showcasing the wedding collection online through Vanity Kart and Its Her Store to increase digital presence in the UAE, and also allow a safe process of purchase for our clients. I want to involve our patrons with effective, supportive, and stimulating content to focus on wellness and lifestyle.

To follow Anchaya and ANCH MODA’S journey connect with them on:

Facebook: ANCHbyanchayasinha

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