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Stunning Earrings From Azaal

I’m not sure if this female entrepreneur needs an introduction, as her stellar reputation precedes her!

Not only has Azzal Chotani been a haute couture designer, but she is also co-founder of Burj financial consultants, founder of the Birthday cake foundation, founder of Angel hair enhancements and now founder of Azzallure.

Azzallure is a range of finely crafted costume jewelry.

The Fashion Havildar sits down with this multi-talented woman, to ask her how she got into the jewelry field.

The Fashion Havildar – TFH

Azzal Chotani – AZ

TFH– So Azzal, how did you get into the world of jewelry designing?

AZ – Desperation! I was at a wedding in Cannes and post that went to St. Tropez. I had the most miserable time guarding my jewels at the entire cote D’Azure trip, that I vowed to solve this problem of luxurious liability before my next destination wedding. That’s how Azzallure was conceived!

TFH – Is this something you always dreamed of doing?

AZ – I was known for wearing unusual and luxe jewelry amongst my social circle and was always asked if I could design for friends. However, I didn’t take it seriously as I’m married into the Chotani and Zaveri jewelry families I just presumed it was easy to access for me.

TFH – What draws you to the collections, you decide to stock?

AZ – Uniqueness, exclusivity, comfort and above all versatility.

TFH – What’s your own personal favourite piece/pieces from something you’ve designed?

AZ – The butterfly earrings you have!

Stunning Earrings From Azaal

TFH – How would you describe your own personal sense of style?

AZ Unique, exclusive, comfortable and versatile which translates into my collections

TFH – What’s your favourite article/articles of clothing/accessory to buy?

AZ – Cocktail rings, shoes and sunnies. 

TFH – Who is your own personal style icon?

AZ – Audrey Hepburn and Rekha. Even though both are drastically different in their personal styles, they have one thing in common, they play on their strengths!

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TFH – Which designer/fashion house influences your design/ brand’s aesthetic if any?

AZ –  None! I don’t get influenced I go with my heart .

NK – What brand is your own personal favourite?

AZ – 
Of jewelry? I would definitely have to say David Morris.

TFH – So what’s next for Azzallure?

AZ – it’s less than a year old, so still taking the baby steps before I start running and leaping into magnanimous financial returns and eye-watering jewelry pieces!!!


To follow Azzal’s and Azzallure’s journey connect with them on:

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