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Zardozi Tailoring Shop.

I was first introduced to Safia Zulfiqar, at a musical evening, where she was wearing something utterly fab!  I then found out later, that she had designed the outfit herself and that she had her own tailoring business, called Zardozi!

I was so impressed by her work, that when I needed to get my own clothes made for my cousins wedding, I decided to get some outfits made from her.  Not only was I impressed by how much her staff understood the style I wanted, but their work and finishing, was utterly flawless.

Zardozi also stocks a number of amazing Indian and Pakistani designers, which I bought a couple of, as well as used some of their fabrics to make my own designs.

Menhdi (henna,) option 2

One of the outfits I got made for the mehndi (henna ceremony)

This pink and gold fabric was initially for a sari, but we made it into a lehnga.  We then found the matching gold fabric to design an off shoulder top, and added some of the lace of the border of the sari to the sleeves, to create an indo-westerm fusion outfit. 

Pheras, (wedding) outfit

One of the outfits I bought for the pheras (wedding)

Nadia Karmali – NK

Safia Zulfiqar – SZ

NK – So Safia, how did you get into the world of fashion designing?

SZ – My very old tailor asked me if I could open a shop for him and that he would run the shop. I wanted to help him so I did and last minute he backed out when there were only 4 days left for the shop to open. I went into a panic mode & designed a few pieces and decided to open a tiny boutique & tailoring department. I found a master who was in desperate need just 1 day before the Shop opened, and that day I decided this shop is going to hire people who are in difficult situations and that every dirham made will go towards a good cause.

NK – Is this something you always dreamed of doing?

SZ – Not really as I am a teacher by profession, and teaching has always been my passion. However, Zardozi has now become part of my passion too. I want my tailors and cutting master to be recognized and do really well in their field.

NK – What draws you to the collections, you decide to stock at Zardozi?

SZ – we stock a wide variety of styles at Zardozi. From typical desi outfits to something more modern too. Zardozi has lot of fusion stuff as well, which is fun to wear.

NK – What’s your own personal favourite piece/pieces from something you’ve designed, to something you stock so far?

SZ – My Arab collection & kaftans do really well. They are funky, fusion pieces and very affordably priced. To be honest they are my favourites!

NK – How would you describe your own personal sense of style?

SZ – Hmmmm I feel we women are the best creation of God and that whatever we wear with our own personal sense of style looks good.

NK – What’s your favourite article/articles of clothing/accessory to buy?

SZ – I love shopping for laces. Aren’t you impressed with my lace closet?

NK – How many laces do you own?

SZ – Too many to count! 

NK – who is your own personal style icon?

SZ – Me 

NK – Which designer/fashion house influences your design/ brand’s aesthetic if any?

SZ – I would say all designers because I feel everyone puts in their best effort to create a piece.  Therefore I respect and am influenced by everyone who puts the effort in.

NK – What brand is your own personal favourite?

SZ – I like stuff from Leena & Tahira, they are a part of Zardozi too.

NK – So what’s next for Zardozi?

SZ – Bridal wear inshallah. 


To follow Safia and Zardozi’s journey connect with them on:

Facebook: Zardozi Dubai

Instagram: Zardozi _dubai