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The ‘Happy’ House of Clinique

Clinique family of products.

My love with Clinique started years ago!  I think it was when I moved to Vancouver, Canada for university and my dorm mate was obsessed with their products, especially the ‘happy’ perfume!

So ‘happy’ as it turned out was my first ‘clinique’ purchase ever, and after that there was no turning back with my love for the brand!  I remember when I was in university and would have some free time, me and my girlfriends would go to the mall and explore (as well as waste time) at all the makeup counters. From MAC to Lancome to Clarins but Clinque was always our favourite! Especially for their famous ‘3 step skincare range,’ which I’ve now been using for almost 15 years!

Even since I moved to to Dubai, (which has been about 10 years now,) I have continued using their products!  I obviously have experimented with other brands, but even in the Dubai weather (which is different than Canada’s,) Clinique’s products work the best on my skin!

They’re also not that particularly expensive, and are all dermatologically tested, which is great for someone who has sensitive skin like me!

So since I’ve been a faithful customer to Clinique for years now, I was recently invited by Clinique (which is based in Harvey Nichols in Dubai) to an event.  The event had a specialist telling us about what skin care products are the best to be used, now that the hot summer months are upon us in Dubai!  They also applied make-up on us, in order to show us which colours would suit our skin types the best, and what are the new make up products that have developed for summer 2016!

I was even allowed to bring a friend along with me, and we both had a great time. Getting pampered and spoilt by the beauty technicians, as well as free gifts on arrival!  With additional gifts if we purchased 2 or more of their products that day! What more could a girl want!

The Clinique products they showed me that I loved and bought

Clinique eyebrow mousse

(Image courtesy of

When they showed me this mousse on myself, all I could think was where has it been hiding for so long!  It’s absolutely amazing, and doesn’t require too much blending at all! Retailing at AED 94.

Clinique volumising mascara.

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With the mascara, I had a similar sentiment!  With the fashion of false lashes exponentially growing, this is almost like a sheet cheat to create the look of having striking long lashes! Retailing at AED 99.

Having fun at Clinique @ Harvey Nichols Dubai.

(Having fun with the Clinique therapists and the products!)