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Highlights from London Collections Men – June 2016

London Collections Mens Banner

Havildar in London

So I was recently invited by the other blog I collaborate with 5style, to attend the London Collections Men (LCM!)  To say I was excited was definitely an understatement! I have attended other fashion shows before in Dubai, but never in London!

Part of the excitement for me, was due to the fact that the fashion style in London, is very different then Dubai. It’s a lot more edgy, experimental and urban to an extent. Whereas in Dubai it’s more formal, preppy, pretty and sophisticated.

LCM foyer shot.

Foyer at LCM

Dubai Fashion Show Stylin'

                                     Audience at Varion Marwah’s fashion show in Dubai (Image courtesy of Varion Marwah)

The building where the shows and ‘designer showrooms,’ were taking place was also something I was excited about.  As the building is a landmark on its on and it’s called180 The Strand.’

180 The Strand, Venue for London Mens Collections

(Image courtesy of www.thespaces.com)

Everyone in the Arts and Fashion world, from Louis Vuitton, Christopher Kane to Jack White & Punchdrunk, have held exhibits or performances at the venue.

London Collections Men

So the shows and ‘designer showrooms’ were taking place from Friday 10 June – Monday 13 June 2016, and I attended two days out out of the four.

The first day I attended was Sunday 12 June 2016.  I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with the set up and just how organised everything was. The emerging designer, I got to view that day, was  Christopher Shannon‘s catwalk collection.

Christopher Shannon's catwalk show

Now I’m definitely not the most experienced when it comes to assessing up and coming men’s designers, but I could completely appreciate Shannon’s comical, pastel tones as well as comfort aesthetic.  All in all it was definitely a great collection, and some of the pieces would definitely be clothes that I’d suggest to my brothers or guy friends to purchase (so that I borrow them as well!) Shannon also do a range of womenswear as well.

At the designer showrooms, there were a lot of designers from different parts of the world who were being showcased.  Some of the designers that stuck out for me were:

Roxxlyn, where they had amazing iPad, iPhone and Macbook Air cases, all which were made out of stone but handcrafted to be lightweight.

Qasimi, who had an interesting vision, which was pairing the Arab aesthetic with the European and coming up with a line of fusion wear.  Such as long shirts (similar to a a dishada,) paired with either long linen pants or shorts, all with a futuristic spin on the traditional Arab sandals.

Sorensen, who had to be my favourite brand for sure!  I even had the pleasure of meeting the designer, Wayne Sorensen himself.  He used to work for Orlebar Brown for 6 years, and then left, due to the fact he couldn’t really comprehend why there was so much consumerism, and why people kept buying clothes.  So he came up with a line, in which people fall into six different archetypes, which makes connecting to the clothes and dressing much easier.

With the brains behind the 'Sorensen' brand!

Me with the amazing Wayne Sorensen

The second day I attended was Monday, 13 June, which was the finale of the London Collections Men.  I had the privilege of watching the closing show, which was by South Korean designer, Songzio!

Initially when I had viewed his previous collection, in the designer showrooms, I hadn’t been particularly impressed.  There was a dark colour palette, of blacks and browns and a lot of leather.  However, the collection that was being shown on the catwalk, was completely different, and I was blown away with the colours and cuts of the clothes.

 Snippets from London Mens Collection_Monday 13 June

These were definitely clothes I could relate to and would suggest to my friends, and family to buy.  And did I mention that I absolutely loved the black dress, with blue and white dashed on it!

It was definitely an amazing experience for me, being able to mingle with the fashion community in London as well to gain an insider perspective about what’s on-trend in the world of Men’s fashion currently.

One thing is for sure, that firstly most of the Men’s designers also design Women’s collections as well.  However, the brands that don’t, have a lot of gender blurring within them, where clothes can be worn just as well by women as they can be by men.  Who knows what this has in hold for the future of fashion as a whole, it’s definitely very exciting!

Sorensen Engineer

(Image courtesy of Sorensen PR)