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How to dress, for Indian Weddings!

Outdoor Pavilion, to perform traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony, (Mandap)

So I’ve been told, that even though the content on my blog is good, it should be slightly more relatable, for my readers.

My cousin, got married in Mumbai, recently. So it seemed, the perfect time, to write a blog post on, how to dress for Indian weddings.

I will also reveal to my readers, how I decided on my own outfits for my cousins wedding.

Guide, On How To Dress, For Indian Weddings




Most of the time, Indian weddings are 3 days long, and have at least 3 functions, if not more! 

1st Day, Mehndi Ceremony (Henna)

Henna (mehndi)

This is generally quite traditional, with guests wearing very vibrant colours, such as greens, oranges and pinks.

Initially, I had thought of wearing something conventional, but funky. This particular outfit, is from one of my favourite, Pakistani designers, Sana Safinaz.

Mehndi, (henna,) option 1.

Its unstitched, so it can be tailor made, to fit any body type. Also it’s cotton, with a lot of lace, which is really in fashion currently. The dupatta, (scarf,) which is made of silk, is very bright and abstract, and could be worn with a t-shirt, or any other outfit, as scarfs are really instyle right now!

However, when I showed my family what I planned on wearing, they didn’t think it was dressy enough!

Thank god for, back up options! 😄

Menhdi (henna,) option 2

I ended up wearing this self- designed lehenega, (long skirt,) instead.

I had the pink fabric already, and since the off- shoulder trend, is really in right now, I wanted to design a blouse, that was a bit versatile.

2nd Day, Sangeet, (Music/Dance Party)

Sangeet, (Music/Dance Party)

(Image courtesy of

The Sangeet, is always the most fun function out of the lot!  Dressing up for this, can range, from wearing a western gown, to a sari, with a sexy blouse, and anything in between!

I opted to wear this amazingly stunning lehenega, (skirt,) by well renowned designer, Manish Arora.

Firstly, it’s extremely comfortable, which is key, since my cousins and I, were doing a dance, for the guests.  Secondly, I loved the hues of the skirt, and I wanted to find a top, that I could re-wear, and that would also bring out the secondary shade, of the dark purple hue.

I was lucky enough to find a top, that matched perfectly, and that was dark blue, velvet, and something that could be re-worn, with pretty much anything!

Velvet, blue, racker back top

(Image courtesy of

I had even managed to find the top, during Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF,) for a bargain of AED 100! 

3rd Day, Pheras, (Wedding)

Pheras, (wedding)

The outfit, I wore for this function, was by far, my favourite out of all of them!

Pheras, (wedding) outfit

I had, completely been stressing out, about what to wear, for the actual wedding day.  This outfit, tends to be quite traditional, in terms of fabrics, but flamboyant, where style and design are concerned.

I had gone to the tailor in Dubai, to get some of my outfits made, and they also happened to stock some Pakistani designers.  When I saw this sharara, (long dressy culottes,) in the window, it was love at first sight! 

I hope this helps to clear up, any myths on how to dress for an Indian wedding.  More than anything have fun with it, explore your creativity, and let your personal style, stand out!