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India Fashion Week, Dubai, Season 4

India Fashion Week 2016

This past weekend, July 22 – 23, 3016, I had the pleasure of attending India Fashion Week Dubai, season 4. The event spanned over 2 days, and was held at the prestigious, Jumeriah Creekside Hotel, Deira. The Fashion Week was organised by Dream Advertising & Ministry of Events.

Not having gone to India Fashion Week, Dubai before, I had no idea what to expect!  All I knew was that there were a lot of well known designers showcasing their work, from the likes of Archana Kochhar, to Heena Modi to Bhavna & Shweta and a lot more.

Even though I wasn’t familiar with all the designers, I had heard of Archana Kocchar before, and love her designs, so I was excited to see her new collection. As well as what the new emerging designers had to show, at this international platform that sheds light to Indian and Pakistani fashion and jewellery designers.


IFW Dubai 2016 schedule of designers

Schedule of the fashion and jewellery designers  (image courtesy of

Unfortunately, the event did start on time and not at the usual ‘Indian Standard Time,’ so I missed the first 3 designers.  Apparently Archana Kochhar’s collection had been stunning, and she even had Bollywood celebrity, Sunny Leone, as her show stopper!

Famous Indian designer Archanna Kocchar, with model and bollywood celebrity Sunny LeoneWhat I missed, Archana Kochhar with showstopper, Sunny Leone (image courtesy of PI studio)

Some of my favourite designers from Day 1 included, Lineage by Nika Shah & Palomi Lodha, Ilaichi by Alpesh Kheradia and Shagun NagiLineage

Lineage by Nika Shah & Palomi Lodha

Lineage Designers

The Designers behind ‘Lineage,’ Nika Shah & Palomi Lodha

For me the reason why I loved this collection, was the use of colour in their designs, as well as the contrasting fabrics.  Also the little ethnic touches, such as the work on the blouse, or the colourful tassels near the front of the Kurta.



Ilaichi Designer

The Designer behind Ilaichi, Alpesh Kheradia

I loved this collection because of the vivid colour palette, as well as the ease of the fabric, and the comfortable style of the clothes.  I absolutely was fascinated with the idea of the rusty gold colour juxtaposed with vibrant greens, pinks, oranges and blues!

Shagun Nagi

Shagun Nagi

The designer herself, Shagun Nagi

 The gorgeous designer Shagun Nagi

I loved this collection, because it seemed more of fusion wear to me.  With the pastel colour palette, (which is very en trend right now in western clothes,) but aside from that, the contrast of the colours paired with the delicate and intricate embroidery, were definitely a winning combination for me! I also loved the cuts, such as the back of the green blouse, which was incredibly sexy!

Some of my favourite designers from Day 2 included Motifz, jewellery designer Mona Shroff, Reet by Bhavna and Shweta and Aarbee by Ravi Bhalotia.

Motifz Collection and the Designers behind the brand

Motifz collection and the designers behind the collection

I loved this collection (oh no I’m going to talk about colours again,) because of the more autumn range of colours, such as purples and greens, and golds, but also the delicate work on the brocade fabric, which is absolutely stunning!  My favourite out of this collection was definitely the purple and gold, off shoulder dress, which I can’t wait to get into my cupboard!

Jewellery designs of the fabulous Mona Shroff

The fabulous jewellery designs of Mona Shroff (the designer is in the second picture from the right)

I think I loved this particular collection, not just because of the amazing jewellery (which is definitely an addiction of mine,) but also the production value of the collection.  Mona Shroff had her models, literally dancing on the catwalk, and it was just lovely to watch. I think most of the audience were dancing to the awesome tunes as well!


Reet by Bhavna and Shweta

I loved this collection because of the work on the clothes, and even though the top and bottom are both pink, they’re a different shade of pink, so there’s some contrast right there.  Aside from that, the top is ruched in and has a pearl necklace attached to it, where as the skirt, has flowers embroidered on it and is more plain.  The dupttta, in a light green with a gold boarder, adds just the right amount of oomph to make this outfit, even more gorgeous!

Aarbee by Ravi Bhalotia

Aarbee by Ravi Bhalotia

I loved this collection because of the ethereal feel of it!  It seemed like something, that prince and princesses of yesteryear would have worn in India and Pakistan.  I love the cut, colour, and embroidery of this outfit in particular, it’s just absolutely draw- dropping!

Needless to say, I’m definitely going to be attending season 5.  Hope to see you all there!

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