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Insights from India Fashion Week, Dubai

Amman and other models on the ramp @ IFWD Season 4

(Image courtesy of Muhammad Hassan Photography)

In Talks With Some Of India Fashion Week, Dubai’s, Top Upcoming Models

I recently wrote a post all about India Fashion Week, Dubai, Season 4,, and how it is an international platform that sheds light to Indian and Pakistani fashion and jewellery designers.

I was privileged enough to have the chance to chat with some of the models (past and present,) who have walked for Indian Fashion Week, Dubai. As well as to get their personal opinions on what it was like walking for the show, what they liked and disliked about it, and just generally on a whole what it’s like being a model.

Amman Singh

Amman Singh walking the ramp @IFWD, S4

India fashion week, Dubai, is a unique fashion platform that features the hottest designers from the Indian subcontinent. It showcases the most promising cutting-edge fashions to the global fashion world. I have been part of this particular show for the past two seasons, and every time it’s been a brand new experience for me! Season 4 in particular, brought an entirely new dimension to the event. Due to the fact, that it it featured the new styles of Archana Kochhar and the unforgettable show stopper for her show, celebrity Sunny Leone.

I have walked for many talented and popular designers, such as Meety Bagga, Archana Kochhar, Ravi Bhalotia and Reshmika Nag, which has made me feel very privileged and fortunate. I also have had the opportunity to interact with a lot of amazing models from India and Pakistan because of India Fashion Week, Dubai.

I would like to give special thanks, to Nina Khan and Mr. Shuja for making me a part of this show. I would also like to thank my make up artist Aalya, and all the backstage people who worked so hard for this event, to make it so successful! Overall, it was a brilliant experience with a lifetime of memories to cherish forever!

Neha Bulchandani

Neha Bulchandani, walking the ramp @IFWD, S4

(Image courtesy of Rabea Natasha Ahmed Photography)

I am really thankful to all the organisers and sponsors of India fashion week, Dubai, for playing such an important part in the growth of fashion. It was my first time walking the ramp, for such a reputated fashion show and it was  great experience overall. I got to work with some very talented and well known designers, such as Archana Kochhar, Shagun Nagi, Kiran patel, Hina modi, and Mausimi Mewawalla. It was a great and successful event, where international jewelry and textile designers got to showcase their latest and most exquisite collections!

Special thanks to Nina khan and Mr Shuja, for giving me this opportunity to be a part of such a glamorous show! I enjoyed every bit of it, from meeting new designers to making new friends, I definitely made a lifetime of memories. Thank you also, to all hairstylists and make up artists, for making all the models look so gorgeous!  Last but not the least I would like to thank all the helpers backstage, who played such a vital role in making Indian Fashion Week, Dubai,  season 4, such a memorable and successful event!  I definitely look forward to being a part of the this event in the upcoming seasons!

Lokit  Phulwani

Lokit Phulwani

(Image courtesy of Dubai Glam)

As a model, you always want to be a part of well known fashion shows, and walk the ramp from them, and wear the outfits by the famous designers taking part! For me, it has always been a dream to be able to part of the modelling industry, especially to be able to walk for famous designers from India and Pakistan.

It was definitely a dream come true for me, when India Fashion week, Dubai happened for the 1st time in September 2014, and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it! The day started with our outfit fittings, and it was great to be able to share the green room with soo many famous designers.  We also got to learn lots of new things from them, such as what they wanted the models to do on the ramp, as every designer has their own different conceptualisation, of how their clothes or jewellery should be displayed.

We had fittings all day from morning till evening, but it didn’t feel like work, because of how much fun it was!  We got to chit chat with the designers as well as share our own unique experiences with them, it never once felt like I’d spent an entire day there!

The next day it was show time with all eyes on us!  I was happy and nervous, happy because of being able to be part of such a well reputed fashion show, and nervous because, walking for such well established designers, everything needs to be perfect to a T.

The show did however, get a bit delayed. I think it was more due to the fact, that it was the first time it was taking place in Dubai, and the logistics hadn’t been sorted out perfectly. The designers I walked for were Vikram Phendis, More Mischief, Sai Suman and M Monika.

Over all, I felt that the first season was great and it was a good learning curve for me. I think it’s an amazing opportunity for all the models out there, and it was also great for Dubai!  Since it was the first time, a platform of such high Calibre had taken place in this part of the world. I would definitely suggest, if you ever get the chance to walk for India Fashion Week, Dubai, you should grab it!

Sharola Prasad

Sonia on the ramp at India Fashion Week, Dubai

(Image courtesy of Dubai Glam)

It has been a fabulous experience to be able to work with, India Fashion Week, Dubai. I consider myself to be one of the pioneers for the show, because I have been working with dream advertising (one of the main event organisers,) for quite a long time now. In fact, I have done almost each and every show with them!

However walking for India Fashion Week, Dubai, was a different experience all together! It was like a dream come true, especially since I got to be the show stopper for many famous designers, which was an incredibly awesome feeling! The exciting thing was, that the designers got to choose which models would walk for them.  So it wasn’t only the auditions you had to go through, but they also had to put into consideration, your height and vital statistics, to see if you would make the cut or not.

Sadly some models didn’t make the cut, and due to that, had to go home. It was a cut throat competition between the models, to see who would be chosen to walk for which designer. Luckily I was a favourite for most designers and choreographers, so I was paired with a lot of the top designers. Such as Archana Kocchar, Shane and Falguni Peacock and Vikram Phadnis.

It was really a great experience plus a major career boosting event in my life, because after that I became ‘Miss India Kuwait, 2015! At the audition (for Miss India Kuwait, 2015,) I was very confident and very charming, and my walk was perfect!

India Fashion Week, Dubai, will always be very close to my heart!

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