International # Trendsetter – Dee Misra Aka LADYADDICTED!

Dee full length in a summer dress and wide brimmed hat!

In Talks with LADYADDICTED herself!

So where do I even begin with this amazing ‘lady’, maybe she’s superhuman (her husband is obsessed with superheroes after all!)  Mum to 5 year old Isabella, a wife, an entrepreneur, a lawyer whose worked with the likes of Dubai Properties and Al Futtaim group and a self confessed fashionista many times over!

Dee's gorgeous mini-me Bella

(Dee’s stylish mini- me, Bella)

Nadia Karmali – NK

Dee Misra – DM

NK – So Dee, or should I be calling you Lady Addicted!  Tell us how you honed into this persona of ‘Lady Addicted’ and who is she exactly?

DM – Call me Dee! Lady Addicted is an expression! An outlet to display how style can speak words and portray emotions. I have built a treasure trove of fashion over the years, and I wanted to start capturing the things I love to pull together, to remember, for me, my daughter and anyone else it might inspire! It took a lot of courage for me to actually be photographed, as I’ve never been comfortable with pictures of myself!  I remember being so nervous the first time, but when I saw nothing terrible happened, I snapped another  and then another and so an online showcase of my style began to emerge.

My aim is to show that dressing or styling is not necessarily about trying to look good or getting somebody’s attention! It’s about a mood, a message, a deeper feeling, a connection with a moment! I wear my clothes as a warrior does their armour, Lady Addicted visually displays this concept!

NK – How would you describe your sense of style?

DM – I would say Authentic! I’m more concerned with detail, material, color, cut and how I feel in it as opposed to an overall look or trend. It’s hard to fall into a category of style with this approach as it entirely depends on the mood I’m in!

NK – What Country/City is your favourite to shop in?

DM – Whichever country I am in!  Travel buddies over the years have joked with my uncanny ability to find little treasures wherever we are. I dare you to place me in the oddest of stores and not have me pull together something on point! If I had to choose perhaps I’d say India, maybe Jaipur.  This is because it draws on my own personal heritage, I have an affinity for the clothes, colours, embroidery and bohemian finishings. No wonder peasant tops and midi skirts never fail to catch my eye! Don’t get me started on all the pom poms floating about right now, have you seen aquazzura’s sandals?

NK – What’s your favourite article of clothing/accessory that you can’t live without?

DM – At this moment my acne velocite jacket as I’m in the UK. It’s  jam packed with detail and attitude! I’d say a biker jacket is a wardrobe essential, in any climate!

NK – And how many do you own exactly?

DM – I have 4, one thick for winter, one regular for all seasons, one with long fringes for festival chic and another pastel one for softer looks!

NK – Whose your style icon?

DM – I am not sure I have one. I appreciate style on just about anyone anywhere! If I had to though, I would say Alexa Chung! She can do tom boyish charm and girly pretty seamlessly!  She never seems to fit into a particular trend or box. She’s  a timeless original!

NK – What’s your favourite brand?

DM – That’s almost impossible to answer! Depends on the occasion. Can I pick two? Zimmermann for holidays and Saint Laurent for city glamour.

NK – Are there any high street brands you shop at?

DM – My fave stores are S*uce and West LA boutique, (which are based in Dubai) and remain so even since I moved to the UK! Otherwise my go to in London is Selfridges, and when I haven’t got enough time to shop, it’s netaporter and outnet to the rescue!

NK – So Dee, what’s next for you, any exciting fashion related ventures?

DM -Next? I’m currently expanding my portfolio of brands at my eyewear boutique. We already have Dior, Gucci, Linda Farrow, Prada, Miu Miu, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Dita, Cazal, D&G, Marc Jacobs to name just a few! I’d love to take on more so I can offer my clients an incredibly vast array of options when they come to browse. I’m also considering freelance styling so I can take my passion to the next level, so watch this space!

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Some of Dee’s favourite picks!

Dee's Hot Picks.

(Images courtesy of www.net-a-porter.com, www.lyst.co.uk & www.us.zimmermannwear.com)