It’s Loubi-BABY!

Louboutin Shoes for Babies

(Image courtesey of www.theperenialstyle.com.)

The King behind the famous red-soled shoes, Mr Chritstian Louboutin himself, not content enough with capturing the adult shoe market, as well as the cosmetic and fragrance markets is now (in association with Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand Goop), launching a line of red-soled shoes specifically for babies.

The famous Loubotin Patent Pumps

The Original Black Louboutin Patent Pumps (Image courtesey of www.christianloubotin.com.)

A glimpse of Christian Louboutin's Beauty Range

A glimpse into a range of Mr Louboutin’s beauty collections (Image courtesey of www.beautystat.com.)

Christian Louboutin Perfumes

Christian Louboutin’s range of perfumes (Image courtesy of www .musingsofamuse.com.)

Louboutin Shoes for BabiesThe collection features a mary jane style shoe with a bow, and is available in red satin, blue satin, and gold nappa laminato. The collection launched on November 16th on goop.com and Goop holiday pop-ups.

Does it get any cuter than this, imagine your daughter having the same red-soled shoes as you, and since they’re babies, the price tag is more reasonable at 918 AED as opposed to the regular 2,000 AED and up.

In Other Louboutin News…

Mr  Louboutin, unfortunately, cannot trademark his famous red-soled shoes, according to a  court ruling made in the Netherlands recently.  He has however won the right to the patent in the US, and the European case will be re-tried again.

Christian Louboutin first grabbed his assistant’s red nail polish and applied it to the outsoles of a shoe a quarter-century ago. Since then, he has frequently declared the design element to be his recognisable signature, and argued it merits legal protection. When anyone thinks of red-soled shoes, you think of Louboutins or Loubies as they are affectionately called.

The case highlights one of the most difficult questions in fashion – in a world where designers often have distinct styles, and attract admirers based on those styles, what can, and cannot, be trademarked?

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