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In Talks With The Ambitious and Charismatic Amman Singh

So I’ve been getting an earful from most of my guy friends recently, as to why there’s not enough content for men on the blog!  Even though I kept telling them there are some entries, and that my next interview was with a guy, (I think they kind of tuned me out!)  So here we are on the brink of interviewing Amman Singh (a guy,) and I think that it’s pretty obvious that just  by looking at his picture, that he’s a model (and you wouldn’t be wrong!)  However, this is only one of the extremely talented Amman Singh’s skills!   He also acts, has a masters degree in business, as well as works with his family business and has his own business of household furnishings!  That seems to be quite a long list of impressive achievements and he’s only 27,  who knows what else is in store for this ambitious young man, but it definitely looks bright!

Nadia Karmali – NK

Amman Singh – AS

NK – So how long have you been modelling and acting for now?

AS – It’s been about 9 months now.

NK – And how did you get into it?

AS – Well ever since I was a child I’ve been a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan (famous Bollywood actor!) He was from a normal middle class family, and rose to have such fame and success in life! He inspired me to think that if he do that, that even I can pursue my passions in life if I give it my everything!

So after I worked in a bank for a bit and got my MBA, I thought now was the right time to get into modelling and acting! Most of my clients at the bank had told me that I’m definitely more model material then a banker! 😀 In college I had done 3 plays (in Hindi,) and after I saw my head shots, I thought modelling and acting was definitely the right industry for me to get into!

NK – Do you think you’d give up the family and your own business ventures, if modelling and acting ever became a more secure career option for you?

AS – No I would never!  Both of these businesses have made me into who I am today, and the family business has always been the backbone of my family! As of now I can balance modelling and acting jobs, as well as handling the family and my own business ventures.  I feel that one day I can re- brand the family business, so that I can be the face (model) of the company, (he’s definitely very confident!)

NK – So how does it feel having reached to where you are today, in terms of accomplishments and achievements?

AS – I don’t personally feel that I’ve reached a place in my life where I could say I’m accomplished, as I still have so much more to do! I think the day my mum can say that her son is a big star, is the day that I’ll feel I can rest easy!

NK – How would you describe your sense of style?

AS – Simple but classy. I dress to impress myself and not others, I don’t believe you have to wear a designer or expensive suit in order to look good!  It’s more about the confidence that you carry yourself with that matters!

NK – What’s your favourite article of clothing/accessory that you can’t live without?

AS – A classy watch.

NK – And how many do you own exactly?

AS – Too many to count, infinity and above maybe!

NK – Who is your style icon? (I have a feeling he may say Shah Rukh Khan!)

AS – It’s Hrithik Roshan (A famous Bollywood actor,) sorry to burst your bubble Nadia! Shah Rukh Khan is more like a mentor, or role model to me, someone who motivates me to be the best in life, but with style its definitely Hrithik!

NK – What are your favourite brands?

AS – Louis Vuitton, I love their belts and  own about 5 of them!  I also like Zara, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger.

NK – And finally Amman, what’s next for you?  Are you modelling or acting in anything that we can see?

AS – I wrapped up a South Indian movie, so that should be coming out soon.  It’s called King Lair, so look out for me in that!  I’ve also been involved in an Emirates NBD ramadan commercial as well as a promotional clip for the Ahlan channel on Dubai TV.  I’m also in the works of setting up my own modelling agency called ‘Faces Dubai!’

Just some of Amman’s model poses 


Amman with Dubai skyline.

Amman in a serious pose.

Sadly guys, this is where the interview with the multi-talented Amman Singh comes to an end.  However you can still catch him in the movie, King Lair that he mentioned and in the TV commercials.  And who knows maybe one day in a huge Bollywood movie, just remember that you read his first interview here!

To follow Amman’s journey connect with him on:

E-mail: amman2109@gmail.com

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Instagram: the.amman