Local Dubai #Trendsetter – DJ Emwee

Image courtesy of photographer Omar Sikander

I’m not sure if this gentleman looks familiar to you guys, but he was featured (ever so slightly) in one of my blog posts last month, entitled ‘Picnic Appropriate Attire!”

Due to how cool I thought his ‘getup’ was, it got me thinking generally of how a lot of people in Dubai, manage to multitask their lives while still looking amazing and fashionable!

Hence the column #trendsetter was born!

Tantra nights

Just before the official launch of ‘Tantra Night’, where famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is due to make an appearance, I sit down with Infinity Club resident DJ and producer, DJ Emwee. To ask him about his fashion and style choices and what we can expect from the hot new ‘Desi’ night in town!

Nadia Karmali – NK

DJ Emwee – MW

NK – So how long have you been DJing for?

MW – It’s been about 10 years for me now.

NK – And how did you get into it?

MV – I’ve always been musically inclined. At the age of about 10 I started playing the piano and keyboards, without ever having received any formal training.  In terms of DJing, I started playing with software in 10th grade and then I became a ‘Junior DJ!’ 🙂

NK – So how does it feel having reached to where you are today?

MW – It feels absolutely amazing, but it hasn’t been an easy journey.  It’s been 9 long years of extremely hard work and it’s finally paid off!  The DJ industry is very competitive in Dubai, as some DJ’s are even willing to work at clubs for free, and they have amazing networks and connections.  For me I solely had my talent to rely on!

NK – What does DJ Emwee stand for?

MW – It’s two letters basically, M (Em) and V (Wee) which are my parent’s names.  M is my dad’s name Madhu, and V is my mum’s name Vijaya.

NK – How would you describe your sense of style?

MW – In a word unique, I don’t like to copy anyone else!

NK – What’s your favourite article of clothing/accessory that you can’t live without?

MW – Shoes, shoes and more shoes! 🙂

NK – And how many do you own exactly?

MW – 22!

NK – Who is your style icon?

MW – No one, I like to experiment with clothes and styles on my own.  Everyone has a different body type, and what looks good on one person might not on another.  However,  my favourite colours are black and white and I have a lot of those colours in my wardrobe!

NK – What’s your favourite brand?

MW – Giuseppe Zanotti.

NK – And finally, what can we expect from Tantra Nights?

MW – A lot of original music, live mixing and live sampling, we’re very different from other clubs who solely rely on a playlist on their computers.  It will be primarily Desi music but there will be a mix of English as well!

Aside from the music, club goers can enjoy a whole host of new cocktails (exclusive to infinity club) as well as the club’s funky interiors!

That’s where our interview ends, DJ Emwee has definitely gotten me very excited to check out ‘Tantra Night’!  I hope to see you all there!


The crazy LED structure and funky bar at Infinity Club

Tantra Night is happening on 11 March 2016, at Infinity Club, at the Murooj Rotana hotel.