Local Dubai #Trendsetter – Vibhuti Duggar Mutha

Vibhuti, with some of her artwork!

In Talks With The Multi-Faceted, Vibhuti Duggar Mutha 

The idea of interviewing Vibhuti, was something that had been on my mind for a while now.  If you ever, met this woman face to face, you may just get dizzy, by looking at all she does in a day! She manages her own company, Project Purpose, has recently become an active poet, oh, and did I mention she’s also an artist, a mother, a speaker and a certified NLP & Mind Mapping trainer! 

Nadia Karmali – NK

Vibhuti Duggar Mutha – VDM

NK – So Vibhuti how long have you been in Dubai for?

VDM – I’ve been in Dubai, for almost 8 years now, I moved pretty much, as soon as I got married.

NK – How does it feel having reached where you are today?

VDM – I would say a sense of contentment and achievement.  Growing up in India, in the small town, of Raipur, I had very conservative and traditional values.  More than anything else, I was extremely shy! This all changed when I enrolled to do my MBA!

We had to do a presentation, in front of the whole class, and I could barely utter 5 words.  Even though my class mate and teachers, were understanding about it, I went home and vowed to become the best speaker in the whole class after that.

NK – How do you manage to balance such a demanding career, being a wife and a mother and still look FAB?

VDM – The work aspect, is something that comes naturally to me!  I’m not content, with not being productive. If I’m ever sick, and have to be at home resting, it drives me mad!  I also set myself certain goals and targets that I have to achieve.

For me, fashion has recently become a lot more about comfort! I’ve ditched the 4″heels, for flats, trainers, and it’s all about the jeans for me!  If you feel comfortable, you carry yourself in a confident manner!

Vibhuti, in one of her custom-designed jeans!

Vibhuti, in one of her custom-designed jeans.

NK – How would you describe your sense of style?

VDM – COMFORTABLE!  Another word, would be fusion.

NK – What Country/City is your favourite to shop in?

VDM – Dubai, Bombay or Jaipur.

NK – What’s your favourite article of clothing/accessory that you can’t live without?


Fashionable jeans, this season.

(Images courtesy of Asos, Amazon.ca & Polyvore.com.)

NK – And how many do you own exactly?

VDM – I would say 10 pairs currently! 

NK – Who is your style icon?

VDM – I don’t have a particular person in mind, but I do love the info-fusion look.  For example, Bollywood star Anouksha Sharma, outfits, in the movie Ae dil hai mushkhil, blew my mind!

Anushka Sharma, outfit, in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

(Image courtesy of Blogtobollywood.com.)

NK – What’s your favourite brand?

VDM – I don’t really have one in particular, I generally like to mix and match my clothes!  For jeans though, I like American Eagle a lot. I also like to cut up my t-shirts, and jeans, depending on what style I like to wear.  I like to paint and draw on them to, basically anything that’s unique, and helps me to channel my creativity!

NK – And finally, what’s next for you?

VDM – With Project Purpose, we have some new events lined up, dealing with the individual self, and where you envision yourself in the next 20 years.  Also, with the poetry, I have a potential opportunity to be part of a podcast, based in India.  It’s all about personal growth, and meeting the goals I’ve set, and visualised for myself.

Vibhuti, killing it, in her Desi swag.

To follow Vibhuti’s journey, connect with her on:

Instagram: Vibhutimutha

Facebook: Vibhuti Duggar Mutha

Twitter: VibhutiMutha11