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Male Anorexia

Warning – Blog Post Contains Graphic Image Of Anorexic Man 

So after getting some feedback from family and friends I realised that I don’t want my blog to be gender specific!

I also want to focus on men’s fashion and the  issues that are prevalent to them, as a result of the creation of the  fashion/retail sector.

One of my most recent blog posts was about the whole size zero phenomenon, but again  it was more focused on women and how it effects them. When we think about such situations we tend to forget that it can effect men as well! The same can be said about things like eating disorders.

We are sometimes oblivious that men have just as much pressure on themselves to look good as women do.  They are also inundated daily with images of what ‘the perfect body is’, which consists of a chiselled jaw line, prominent hip bones, a perfect six pack (obviously) and sculpted arms.

How realistic is this depiction?


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According to GQ magazine, in an article published in September 2012, 20% of anorexics are male and this number is only rising.

male anoreixa

Image courtesy of GQ Magazine

When anorexic men look at themselves in the mirror the reflection that they see is completely distorted.  Instead of seeing a thin frail body, they see a fat person looking back at them!

I asked some of the men who are close to me in my life,  how important the way their body looks are to them and what their motivation behind working out is. I have to admit that I was a little surprised by the answers!

Firstly they all work out, and the most common reason being is for their own self confidence!  When you look good, you feel good and in turn you’re motivated to work harder at your job!

The next  most common reason was for stress relief, as work and life are tough, so it’s a great way to feel relaxed!

The next most common reasons were that they actually enjoy working out and working up a sweat and that they like to be able to wear clothes without having to feel conscious about how the clothes fit them and how they look to other people.

I personally feel that there has been a drastic shift since the 1990’s on how men should ‘look and what is acceptable as ‘normal,’ not just to them but also in society!

I’m not one to advocate being overweight or unhealthy but there is a middle ground, were men don’t need to push themselves over the edge to meet society’s requirements!  I think there are many attributes to a person not just the way they look, and I think we need to focus on those too!