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Mother, Daughter Duo, Roopa & Mitaali Vohra,In Association With Modista, Bring A Must See Jewellery Exhibition To Our Shores Next Week

What are your plans next Tuesday, 26 February and Wednesday, 27 February 2019?  Whatever they drop them now! Famed revivalist couture jewelry designer, Roopa Vohra and her daughter Mitaaali, who is a passionate designer and keen curator of Boho Chic products, will be in town, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on purchasing their unique designs!

What is Roopa Vohra House Of Design?

Roopa Vohra Fine Jewellery

The Roopa Vohra House Of Design, (which the fine jewellery collections come under,) such as the Regal Maharani collections, takes its inspiration from Mumbai: a city with a modern Victorian face and old Indian soul. The brand prides itself for reviving and bringing old world designs to today’s day and age.

Each design brought to life is a masterpiece and rarely ever duplicated. Over the years, the brand has fostered strong international associations as well as garnered worldwide acclaim.  They offer an ultimate luxury experience for those with an understanding and affinity for the opulent – a line for the modern day Maharajas and Maharanis!

Who is Roopha Vohra?

Roopa Vohra Roopa Vohra began her journey in 1997 when she accidentally stumbled upon an image of a piece of Thewa – A Mughal artifact and craft which became her muse for years to come.

Thewa was a 400 – year old dying art form, a fusion of gold on glass, practiced by artisans and now a designer trademark.

Roopa Vohra’s extensive research and unique vision in reviving the 400- year old dying craft of Thewa, has made her rightfully earn the worldwide title of Revivalist Couture Jewellery Designer.

Along with Thewa, she has also developed and invented other styles of craftsmanship – popularly known as Naqaashi and Jaali work. She is known especially for giving a contemporary spin to traditional artifacts to suit the
tastes of women today and has garnered much appreciation from art patrons and lovers. Her creations are timeless masterpieces and therefore, are constantly in demand by Bollywood icons as well as Royalties worldwide.

What is The Bohemian?

The Bohemian Collection

The Bohemian is a luxury Silver Jewelry label that was launched in 2015 as an ode to preppy boho chic and effortless on-the-go haute couture. The designs were helmed in an effort to provide no-fuss, high-quality accessory options to well-traveled, stylish women looking to make a statement on-the-go.

What started off as a small curation of eclectic travel-friendly jewelry as an alternative to precious jewelry, soon became a brand catering to women all over the world.

The brand aimed to break the stereotype of high-expense purchases and handle-with-extreme-care caution surrounded by jewelry. The Bohemian instead encourages equally fashionable options for women looking to pick an assortment of accessories for special occasions and spontaneous fun wear.

The jewelry is intricately designed and handcrafted and sells out of their two flagship stores in Mumbai as well as through retailers globally. Their customers are smart, accomplished women with a flair for bohemian chic and the brand finds its heart in the core value of ‘creating to inspire’.

The Bohemian’s products are mostly made with Precious Stones set in Silver. The brand prides itself on its innovation and use of a rich and extravagant color palette running through each design concept.

Who is Mitaali Vohra?

Mitaali Vohra

(Image courtesy of www.thepurplewindow.com.)

Mitaali Vohra is family-oriented and driven, a passionate designer and keen curator of Boho Chic products. Being a creative mind with an entrepreneurial spirit – she creates designs keeping in mind the savvy woman of today.

Her focus is to care for her end-consumers and ensure they have an enjoyable retail experience. Personally, a huge fan of Luxury, her inspiration to set-up the brand, was to be able to mimic the fashion and luxury retail experiences of her favorite stores on 5th Ave in New York

Her collections have been appreciated for their vibrant use of colors and par-average quality.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at this 2-day amazing exhibition!