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My First Blog Post! :)

“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.” Coco Chanel

Keeping this quote in mind, I want to focus my blog on bringing people fashion advice and tips from Dubai, the Middle East and the rest of the world!

I want my readers to know that fashion doesn’t always equal expensive or designer.  To me it is how different articles of clothing and accessories can be mixed and matched in order to make an amazing outfit or look!

When it comes to fashion, I believe I have a unique eye because of my diverse background. Indian and Omani by heritage, born in America, grown up in the UK, studied in Canada and currently living in the UAE for the past ten years. My own personal style ranges from bohemian to preppy to glam, always changing depending on my mood and the occasion.

I want this blog to encourage a diatribe between me and my readers. This is a platform where you can find fashion inspiration from all over the world. From the flamboyant to crazy street style bargains from India to the understated and tailored Canadian fashion, you will find it all here.

Come join me as I discover new designers and unique finds.

I hope you enjoy my world of fashion and look forward to what I have to say next.

Spread the word about me,

Your Fashion Havildar!