Kate Moss is the new face of Jimmy Choo

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Chris Campbell, the amazing Shoe Designer!
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The Wonderful World Of Chris Campbell

Presenting The Amazing Shoe Designer, Mr Chris Campbell Warning: The below juicy, mouth-watering, jaw-dropping creations, are not for consumption! Recently while researching a post on my Instagram feed, I came across the name Chris Campbell.  I had never heard of him before,…

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Fenty Beauty By Rihanna

Fenty Beauty Coming Soon!

(Image Courtesy of www.metro.co.uk.)  Please don’t stop….this lady!  (Image courtesy of www.youtube.com.) I honestly don’t think that anyone could even if they wanted to! Rihanna, not content with conquering the music, acting and fashion world is now making giant leaps…

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High Heeled Shoes from Christian Louboutin
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Shuber – Not Uber!

I recently learnt a new word the other day, ‘SHUBER!’ If you think it’s related to the uber, successful American Technology company, that operates in over 570 cities worldwide, that primarily market and operate the, ‘UBER‘ car transportation & food delivery mobile…

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