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Ramadan Kareem – Fashion Inspiration for the Islamic Holy Month

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It’s that time of year again, when the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is upon us. Which means it’s the season to experiment, with long skirts, heavily embellished/embroidered dresses as tops.  As well as a lot of Arabian fashion styles such as ‘Abayas and ‘Jalabiyas.’ Read on further for different styles of Ramadan Fashion Inspiration!

High End Western Ramadan Fashion Inspiration  

High end gowns for Ramadan '16

Adam Lippes pants and Etro blouse.

Etro skirt and Rime Arodaky top.

(Images courtesy of NET-A-PORTER.COM)

High-Street Western Ramadan Fashion Inspiration

Mango dresses

Mango top and skirt

All the above outfits are from Mango (Images courtesy of Mango)

Arabic Ramadan Fashion Inspiration

Abayas from Haya's Closet, available at

All the above abayas are from Haya’s Closet, exclusively available at (Images courtesy of

 Jalebiyas from Zafirah fashion

All the above Jalebiyas are from (Images courtesy of

I think after viewing all these different styles of outfits, the hardest choice will be what will you end up picking to wear?  Will it be that silky fluid skirt and funky top, or will you be more experimental and try a jalebiya.  Or will you stick to the haute couture Ramadan styles?  Decision decisions!

Ramadan Kareem from Your Fashion Havildar!