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Real Women Have Curves!

This is a subject that’s particularly close to my heart!

I’ve never been the skinniest or thinnest girl in the room ever, in fact when I was born I was 8 pounds 8 ounces, so I was definitely going to be ย a big boned kid!


As I grew older I would be complemented on my looks and fashion sense but would get people saying such things as “You have such a pretty face, you just need to loose some weight!” It felt really hurtful especially when these were people that were really close to me.

I have however since then realised there’s a huge difference between being fit and healthy and trying to meet society’s expectations of what’s attractive (which is dictated by the media, a US size 0/a UK size 6.)

There has however been a sudden dearth of what are called ‘Plus sized Models’ within the fashion industry, which are basically anything from a US ย size 6, 8 up, which when you think about it is quite ludicrous!

Why do people want to see clothes being modelled on body’s that look nothing like theres!

The most famous of the all the plus size models is Ashley Graham


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Would you believe that she’s a US size 12/UK size 16?

Even with this shift in perspective within the modelling industry we are allย still caught up in trying to attain society’s depiction of perfect!

Fashion and style comes from your personality, your confidence, your eye for picking up clothes, accessories and shoes and how you put them together.

I know I have a Fashion style of my own and if I can then you can!