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Who says being fit can’t be fashionable! (Part 2)

Beyonce new fashion line - Ivy Park!

Activewear + Celebrity Endorsement/Brands Reputation = FASHIONABLE FITNESS!

Over the last couple of years, there has been a huge shift in the activewear industry.  Initially sporting wear companies  used to rely solely on the product and its use, then it became about the look and feel of the product, and nowadays it is the ERA OF THE CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT/BRANDS REPUTATION!


There has been a MAJOR shift from sports wear being used solely for exercising and working out purposes, to be used for leisurewear hence the name ACTIVEWEAR/ATHLEISURE  was born!

According to Euromonitor International research analyst David McGoldrick “fitness brands are having a moment, and have never been more popular.

“The top fitness brands such as Nike NKE 0.01% and Under Armour UA -1.17% have had a great couple of years,” he says. “Fitness wear is the hot thing right now.” According to Euromonitor International, sportswear increased by 4% in current value terms in 2013, to reach $81.7 billion.

McGoldrick also chalks it up to the cross-over appeal of “athleisure” clothes. “If people were only wearing it to the gym, the sales wouldn’t be so big.” Translation: moms who attend yoga class, hit Starbucks and then spend the rest of their day in their compression pants and hoodie are helping to boost sales (

According to several local sources in Dubai, the same trend of mother’s wearing workout wear to drop their kids to school, and then hit coffee shops or going shopping, is very much prevalent here to!


(Image courtesy of

I personally feel it’s also due to the fact that nowadays fashion does not always have to be as formal as it used to be.  Where gentlemen had to wear hats and carry handkerchiefs and women had to wear long skirts and pearls.

Nowadays comfort is a huge overriding factor when people are buying clothes, so they can be used either to exercise in or just as casual wear!

Some Major collaborations between celebrities/brands and sportswear companies

Nike and Michael Jordan

One of the oldest collaborations that started in 1984, is between sports giant company Nike, and Basketball Legend Michael Jordan.


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This partnership has been so profitable that there are more then 7 different versions of the ‘Air Jordans.’  In fact according to “Nike plans to make its Jordan footwear line fly even higher by expanding it internationally and moving it into the apparel aisle. The athletic-gear maker said it hoped to position the brand for a future slam dunk after it showed strong results in the latest quarter.”

Topshop and Beyonce

There had been talks of this British clothing giant and the mega celebrity singer joining forces since 2014 and now it’s finally arrived!

Beyonce new Athleisure line - Ivy Park!

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According to Beyonce, her goal with Ivy Park is to “push the boundaries of athletic wear, and to support and inspire women who understand that beauty is more than physical appearance.” (Grazia Middle East)

Tory Burch – Tory Sport

Tory Burch an already well established stylish fashion giant, which launched in 2004, has now diversified and tapped into the activewear/athleisure market!

From Tory Burch, comes her new line of athleisure wear, Tory Sport!

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She had already been ahead of the curve, with her collaboration with fitbit, and now she has fully plunged into the world of activewear.

According to Burch “I’ve wanted to create a sport line for a long time, we’ve been working on it for close to three years. I found that I kept wearing my sports clothes from high school and college, and I was intrigued by the concept of the elegance of sport – how we look at athletes, and the elegance behind them, because they are elegant.”

“Women are wearing leggings and a great blazer to lunch. We wanted to give them options of looking chic while doing that,” Burch continued. (

Adidas and Yeezy

This is a collaboration, which started in 2013 between sportswear Giant, Adidas and Rapper Kanye West.  It initially included an activewear line as well but the main focus has now been put onto the ‘Yeezy Sneakers!’

Adidas-Yeezy Originals-750 Boost

(Adidas Yeezy Boost 750, Image courtesy of

These trainers have somewhat of a cult following! According to Wikipedia, the day of the initial release event, all 9000 pairs of trainers were sold out in 10 minutes flat!

There are also now 5 different versions of the low-top sneaker, the Yeezy 350 and another version of the Yeezy Boost 750 with apparently more on the way!

Adidas-Yeezy 350 Sneakers

(Yeezy 350, Image courtesy of

So guys, there you have it!  Whether you want to work up a sweat, chill out in Starbucks, or even go on a date, you can look effortlessly fashionable in fitness apparel!