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Booking Models is now as easy as a Swipe of the finger! 

This is an app, that I’ve only recently heard of, but has been around, since 2015.  The model of the app, (no pun intended,) is basically to  cut out the middle man, when booking models, stylists, makeup artists and photographers.  You can now book them directly from your desktop or iPhone, bypassing traditional agencies and saving up to 30% or more.

Swipecast, is not trying to take away from traditional modelling agencies, but more so targeting, “a market that doesn’t exist,” explained Peter Fitzpatrick, creator of Swipecast. Think of it somewhat like tinder, but instead of picking out, whose hot, to who you want to go out with on a date, its for professional use.

In fact, in order to maintain the integrity and safety of the app, all candidates have to be vetted properly before being allowed to be listed on the app.  Details such as, their personal information, corporate email address, and credit card, have to be provided.

Swipecast app in more detail.

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Users are allowed to message each other, review each others’ portfolios, set up castings and send secure payments. Users get paid right away, rather than waiting 60-90 days to be paid by their agencies.   I know that in places like the UAE, sometimes models don’t even get paid at all by designers.

Swipecast are revolutionizing the $50 billion+ global marketplace for fashion freelancers. Currently, they have users in 26 countries, and have been written about by Vogue Magazine, Forbes and Business of Fashion.

Eventually Fitzpatrick, sees the future of swipecast, as a proper social network.  Where models, designers, photographers and stylists all keep in touch with each other, and help each other.