The Blonde Salad Is Married!!!

Chiara Ferragni's stunning Dior Wedding Dress

Chiara Ferragani Is Officially Off The Market!

While everyone has been raving about the Duchess of Sussex’s, Meghan Markle’s Tuxedo Dress, and comparing it to Princess Diana’s. I thought I’d talk about one of my fav fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs of all time who got married recently, Ms Chiara Ferragni and in Dior no less!

The Rehearsal Dinner – Aug 31, 2018

Chiara Ferragnis custom made Prada Dress!

(Images courtesy of Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram)

Chiara’s rehearsal dinner took place at Palazzo Nicolaci in Noto with a reality-TV level documentary film crew in-tow. Literally,  no expense seems to have been spared, with guests arriving in Noto on private Alitalia flights.

Chiara donned a custom beaded Prada glistening cocktail dress, which was paired with a chic bridal pouch and kitten heels. She looks absolutely stunning and her face glowed as much as much as her dress sparkled.

The Wedding Day – September 1, 2018

Chiara Ferragni's stunning Dior Wedding Dress

(Images courtesy of Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram)

The wedding took place at Dimora delle Balze, a 19th century palazzo in Noto, Italy. The backdrop of fashion It girls and her Italian mega rapper fiance was something out of a fairy tale.  With lush greenery absolutely everywhere and countless hanging blooms, it definitely rivalled the size and scale of Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding–if not ten times more grand.

The dress, as expected, did not disappoint!  Ferragni had partnered with her longtime social media partner Dior for the occasion and opted for a modest gown. The dress was composed of an intricate embroidered bodice with three-quarter sleeves and a high neckline, along with a full tulle skirt that featured a slit at the front, so you could see her personalized slingback heels as she walked.

The look was actually two pieces, comprised of a lace romper, and paired with a full overskirt, only Chiara could pull this off, and still look like a million dollars!

Later That Evening – September 1, 2018

Chiara Ferragnis Dior Party Dress

(Images courtesy of Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram)

The second of Ferragni’s gowns, her reception look, was also a ballgown designed by Dior.  However, this gown was whimsical and romantic with infinitely more details and work. The dress was completely personalized, epically chic, angelic, and dotted with doses of soft colour and fine details.

The details on her gown,  featured lyrics from her now-husband’s songs, a custom monogram with their initials, a nod to the couple’s son, Leo, and their dog, Matilda, and more. Chiara capped off the looks with custom Dior shoes, which featured her name on the slingback where the brand name typically sits.

For the couple’s Coachella-inspired after party, Chiara wore a Dior mini dress, most likely the same top from her longer, reception ballgown instead with a ballet-inspired mini skirt.

Oh to have been a fly on the wall of the most fashion-forward wedding of the year!!! 

What’s your favourite look of Chiara’s?