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The Kingdom of Ted Baker

Unless you live under a rock I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the middle-to-high end brand Ted Baker!

For any U.S readers out there, I personally think the brands D.N.A is in the same vein of the American brand Kate and Jack Spade.

Sort of girly, stylish but at times a bit kooky as well! For guys they have well tailored shirts and suits that always have a funky edge to them!

Ted Baker was founded in 1988 in Glasgow, Scotland, and then further expanded into England.

Today they have stores all over the world from China, to New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates to Thailand!

I was well aware that they had clothes, jewellery, bags and shoes in store and on-line but only recently found out they even have a lingerie and a toiletries line as well!

Clearly there’s no stopping these guys!

tb lingerie

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Their lingerie line is in association with British retailer Debenhams and is exclusively available in their stores only (even in the U.A.E!) Aside from lingerie, which comes in a variety of floral prints and colours as well as bridal, they also carry silky pyjamas and nightgowns!

Prices start at 26 AED upwards, and are available at Debenhams in the U.K and the U.A.E.

Ted baker_toilitries

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Their toiletries range for both men and women is in association with British pharmaceutical giant Boots! They carry a variety of fragrances, shower gels, body creams, shaving foams and deodorants  as well as packaged boxed sets and wash bags!

Prices start at 13 AED and are available at Boots in the U.K and the U.A.E.

Have fun exploring the Kingdom that is Ted Baker!