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Welcome To The Era Of Personalisation

Louis Vuitton, personalised wallets

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In today’s day and age, of easy accessibility to pretty much anything and everything possibly imaginable! From a news story or product purchase, to being able to customise your phone cover, your laptop cover, as well as the graphic of your whatsapp chat background, as well as the colour of font you use.  Why would the human need, of personalisation stop there!

The simple answer is, that it doesn’t.  This incessant need, to have everything personalised, has translated into the world of Fashion and Retail, in a huge way!

History of Personalisation 

To an extent bespoke tailoring, as well monogramming certain leather goods, has been around since the 19th Century. Stationers, Smythson were among the first to get in on the act, and have been creating personalised luxury leather diaries, notebooks and handbags since 1887.

Smythson customised notebooks.

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In the Eastern part of the world however, bespoke tailoring for clothes has existed since the 19th century, and has been popular ever since.  It’s the concept of buying fabric, where the colour, material and sometimes the print, are seen as fashionable. You can then get the fabric stitched into a suit, or a customised sari blouse, according to your specific body measurements.

Even though, there is the option to buy such outfits off the rack, the option to personalise them, is still extremely popular within Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Arabic speaking countries.
Katrina Kaif, Bollywood Actress in an Ankarli Suit.

Bollywood Actress, Katrina Kaif, in a custom made, Anarkli Suit.  (Image courtesy of

Today’s Era of Personalisation

Nowadays, the trend of personalisation is huge in all parts of the world, especially within the Luxury sector.

Anya Hindmarch, started with it.  She launched her leather sticker collection, in the Spring/Summer 2015, season, and it has now amassed to more thn $18.7 million retail.

For Anya, the concept behind the stickers, was the ideology of how as kids, we used to all personalise our stationary in school. Due to the fact, it was the only thing, (especially being in a private school,) where we could actually show our personalities, and differentiate ourselves, from our peers.  She had been toying with the idea for a while, but the technology hadn’t met her requirements.

However, that changed recently, when leather technology finally caught up with her artistic vision.  She had already pictured it doing very well in the first season, and she wasn’t wrong!

Her collection had completely sold at in Selfridges, (one of the first stockists,) in just a number of weeks! 🙂 (reference courtesy of the

Anya Hindmarch, Spring/Summer 2015 Handbags.

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Some of the haute couture brands are also now moving into the field of personalisation.  Brands like Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Goyard, have been in the game for a while now.

Different types, of Goyard Bags, personalised.

Goyard Bags Personalised

Louis Vuitton Personalised.

Louis Vuitton Bags Personalised

Fendi Personalised.

Fendi Bags Personalised.

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Nowadays, some other major brands are trying to get into the arena of customisation.  These include British Heritage brand, Burberry, and a relatively newer, (but just as popular brand,) British shoe and accessories retailer, Jimmy Choo.

Burberry & Jimmy Choo

With Burberry, they have branched out into monogramming.  Specifically, with the cool and ever so stylish, lady’s backpacks, as well as women’s travel and digital accessories.  Clearly, they have understood the psychology, that women like to personalise their purchases, in order to form a deeper relationship with the brand, as well as their attachment to it.  I think in part, it’s also to do with the term, ‘the customer is always right.’ Where they’ve done customer research, on what their clients are looking for, to have a deeper connection to the brand.

Burberry backpack, monogrammed.


Burberry, travel pouches monogrammed.

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 With Jimmy Choo, they’ve delved into personalisation, within the women’s sector in a big way.  It’s literally almost as easy as placing an order for delivery, to your house!

Made-to-order, Jimmy Choo, bags and shoes!

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So either you can customise a pair of shoes or different kinds of bags.

Jimmy Choo - Made-to-order Handbags.

Jimmy Choo - Made-to-order, Shoes.

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With the shoes you get to pick the style, heel height, fabric and colour, and how you want it to be customised. Either with a particular date, or a monogram, up to 4 characters or icons.

With the bags, you get to choose, the style, fabric & colour, as well as the hardware, and if you want any personalisation, such as a name on the clasp.

Jimmy Choo -Custom Bejewelled.

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You can also ‘Custom Bejewel,’ shoes or handbags! 🙂

Now the difficult question for me is, which pair of shoes, bags, pouches, or key fobs do I get personalised, and from which brand 🙂