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What You See Isin’t What You Get!

Fendi's new accessories collection.

Fendi’s New Spring/Summer Accessories Collection

A conversation that took place at work recently during a meeting ignited a spark in me.

The meeting itself was about branding on a basic level and the different kind of nuances that go into creating something that may seem as insignificant as a logo.  What a lay person might not understand though is just how much thought and time really goes into creating such a concept.

Fendi’s New Collection

So all these thoughts were going through my mind and then I happened to come across Fendi’s new collection!

Fendi's new accessories collection.

Some pieces from Fendi’s new Spring/Summer 2018 Accessories Collection

What do you see when you look at this?

For me initially I thought it was the home screen of a mobile phone, but upon further examination, I realised it was studs placed strategically to mirror the image of a phone home screen.

IPhone Home Screen

(Image courtesey of www./ios.gadgethacks.com.)

Fendi's new accessories collection.

Some more pieces from Fendi’s new Spring/Summer 2018 Accessories Collection

It’s amazing from where all designers get their inspiration from these days.  Although it shouldn’t be too surprising since technology is such an inherent part of our daily lives.

According to photography legend Joel Meyerowitz, “phones have killed the sexiness of the street.”   “Nobody’s looking at each other. Everybody’s glued to their phones.” (https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/mar/07/photography-legend-joel-meyerowitz-phones-killed-sexiness-street-most-stunning-shots.)

This just reinforces the fact that technology has made a seamless transition into our daily lives.  So much so that designers themselves create a line in their collections specifically dedicated to technology accessories.   These range from phone cases & covers to tablet and laptop cases & covers.

Some cases & covers designed by high end fashion houses

A collection of cases & covers from high-end designers 

So perhaps it is only the next logical step that instead of designing accessories for technological devices that technology itself becomes the designers muse.

Regardless the end product is definitely something that I would like to get my hands on since it is the kind of piece that would command a conversation at any party you’d attend.